I was born in Washington DC and lived in it’s  suburbs in Wheaton,  Maryland.  I started working for my father at the Chevrolet Dealership where he was the Comptroller on the weekends and summers before I graduated high school. After graduation I worked as a bookkeeper for small company until a computer took over my job. I went to New York City for a year where I took over the Bookkeeping for friends that owned a film editing company that made short subject films and commercials. I did learn to edit film while I was there.


Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country.
— Preseident John F. Kennedy

Back in Maryland trying to figure out what to do President John F. Kennedy’s classic quote came to mind “Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country”.  I thought about the Military. The military would send me to school, so I could learn something different, & I would be able to travel while serving my country!  But what branch of service?  The Army & Marines were not an option since I did not like the green uniforms. The Navy or Air Force were the only choice that I had. When I went to the recruiting offices the Air Force recruiter was at lunch so….

August 2, 1974 I enlisted in the United States Navy.


After nine weeks of Boot camp in Orlando,  Florida  I was off to San Diego California to attend Radioman “A” school. After school the Navy sent me back to Washington DC where I was stationed at the Pentagon working in the Chief of Naval Operations Communication Center. It was a very interesting experience. The absolute best thing about my time in DC is meeting Krickit in the barracks at Chelthelm, MD. Meeting her has lead to a friendship that has stood the test of time and distance as we are still friends today.

I was very fortunate In my Navy Career that I spent the majority of it living overseas. I figured I could always live in the United States. After the Pentagon,  I went to Rota, Spain, to Patuxent River, Maryland where I had to rotate between Bermuda & Pax River 3 months at a time. Went back to San Diego for “C” school and then onto Hawaii for four years. After 1 year on British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia I spent my last 8 years in the Navy in Yokosuka, Japan. I retired from the United States Navy on August 31, 1994.

Back in the United States settled in Silverdale, Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula; I learned the joy of  running your life by the ferry schedule to cross Puget Sound for  Seattle to work and back. I worked for a small software company providing technical support. The company became very successful which was good & bad. I survived 3 buyouts & received a nice severance package after the 4th.


I am going to write a book about my National Park adventures.

One of the things that I wanted to do when I returned to the United States was to visit all of our National Parks, Historic Sites, Forests. I have been working on this goal with numerous trips back and forth across the country routing myself through Parks or Forests with campgrounds. I made my last trip east from Washington State in November 2006 and settled back in Maryland where I grew up. Where I continued to explore all the National Parks in the Mid Atlantic area. After the 60″ of snow in 2009/10 I headed out for the southern region where I had not visited and to get away from the snow. I spent a year traveling around the south camping, hiking, and exploring and there are still places I need to go.  I am going to write a book about my National Park adventures.


I eventually settled in Florida and took some time to figure out what’s next.

I started by becoming a Stampin’  Up! Independent Demonstrator then an Origami Owl Independent Designer.

I could use my Stampin’ Up! products to help market my Origami Owl products. One thing lead to another and Blue Star Creations was founded in 2014. I really enjoy making things and when someone receives a card that I made for them it does my heart good that I was able to bring a little sunshine into someone’s day. I also really enjoy working with other small business owners to help them grow their business. I donate cards monthly to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. 

I currently live in Gainesville, FL with my niece and her awesome 11 year old son who are totally supportive and helpful in making Blue Star Creations a success.


It’s my way of being a Force for Good.